About MBA

Design & Display Products Corp.

MBA Design & Display Products Corp. is the manufacturer of Mila-wall® moveable wall systems, SCENARIO® temporary walls, and over 170 styles and colors of MBA surface coverings.


To Redefine your Brand.

MBA Design and Display Products Corp. has literally set the standard for quality when it comes to demountable wall solutions for galleries and museums. Our Mila-wall® system is best in class for displaying artwork and exhibits. Our client list boasts the top art galleries in the world, the largest art shows on the planet and the highest rated museums and exhibitions across the globe.

Mila-wall® is a name that has earned a reputation for being one of the highest quality wall systems available in the museum, art gallery and exhibit communities. Our attention to quality, flexibility, and functionality make our client list a who's who in the art and exhibit world. Please contact us today to request some additional pictures or references to learn more about our system.


To Stand Out From The Crowd

Trade show builders worldwide trust Mila-wall® for creating durable and sustainable trade show exhibits. Trade show booths created with Mila-wall® typically install quicker, tear down faster and last longer than those constructed with conventional building materials.

From standard 10x10 squares, to island footprints to monolithic double deck behemoths, flexible modular design makes Mila-wall® a perfect fit every time. If you are a trade show booth or exhibit builder in need of a fresh new look, consider Mila-wall®. With our surface coverings program you also incorporate 170+ styles and colors of Vinyl Laminates for unlimited flexibility and design possibilities. That's what sets MBA Walls apart from the competitiion.


Partitions and Cubicle Walls

When considering a solution for high end office partitions you need flexibility, ease of setup, the ability to reconfigure with personnel changes, and of course, a refined professional appearance.

With the Mila-wall® system you can choose from a wide variety of windows, doors, wall heights, conduit walls, and additional features to get exactly the look and feel that you want.

If you are looking for the perfect solution for office partitions or high end cubicle walls for your professional space, then look no further than the Mila-wall® system!

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