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MBA Design & Display Products Corp. is the manufacturer of Mila-Wall® moveable wall systems, SCENARIO® temporary walls, and over 170+ styles and colors of MBA vinyl surface coverings.

Mila-Wall-series 100

MBA Mila-Wall Series 100

MBA KIts Brochure

MBA Kits Brochure



Scenario 2016

Scenario 2016

MBA Katalogue

MBA Mila-wall Series 100 Full

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Surface Coverings Catalogue

Surface Covering application guide

Surface Coverings Application Guide

Accustic Covering?

Acoustic Panels

mila wall in action


Our system has a host of options and features to meet any specifications. Feel free to Inquire about:

  • Door Modules
  • Windows and Cases
  • Monolithic End Caps
  • Sound Wall
  • Alarm Wall
  • Multiple Lighting Options
  • Curved Walls
  • Conduit Walls
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