The history of MBA

Design & Display Products Corp.

MBA Design & Display Products Corp. is the manufacturer of Mila-wall® moveable wall systems, SCENARIO® temporary walls, and over 170 styles and colors of MBA surface coverings.


In 1975 a new, incredibly simple concept was brought to fruition – rolls of colorful surface coverings. Until this point the walls of booths were painted or even papered to enhance the chipboard or plywood, but now colorful surface coverings could be used to quickly and efficiently improve the appearance. With never before color brilliance and distinct, low-reflection surface embossing, cover sheets were transformed into valuable wall panels.

An idea - a company - a logo

Within five years of it's founding, worldwide contacts were established and millions of square meters of milament surface coverings were sold. Imagine one million square meters, about 150 soccer fields, fully covered in the most beautiful rainbow colors of the world. The color spectrum had increased to 30 colors and metallic tones. So it is no wonder that the company used a rainbow over the three letters MBA to create the brand logo. In the trade fair and exhibition building industry it has become one of the most recognizable logos.

Architecture with walls

Architecture requires walls. So, it is logical that a creative company such as MBA would target its creative powers in this direction. In the tradition of the Bauhaus, this means reducing walls to the essentials to make a simple and logical design that is understood throughout the world in its pure aesthetics - the intelligent merging of aesthetics and economics, architecture and marketing. The result of the research was the idea of building a wall.

ART's first success

For the art fair ART, a new exhibition system was sought; a wall system without columns and sides and no visible connection technology. Art should present itself in an aesthetic way. The request reached MBA, who established the idea of building with wall modules. From an idea, the first prototypes of Mila-wall modules were created without visible connection technology - aesthetic, beautiful and functional.

The presentation at the art fair was so convincing that MBA continued with much success. The new modular wall system Mila-wall, as it was then called, could be assembled in seconds, module by module without special technical knowledge. Rows of walls, seamless and smooth, could be created with the utmost stability and walls could be set at any position and at any angle.

How it works...

Lift the module with the lever roller, bring tongue and groove together and lower, snap top and bottom together, done! The process takes about 30 seconds. You see only the smooth wall surfaces; the entire connection method is hidden inside the wall. The principle of intelligent building with a wall system was realized. In 1990, ART Frankfurt, after Basel & Cologne, the 3rd largest art fair for galleries in the German-speaking world, demonstrated nailable Mila-wall wall modules.

Designed with an aluminum frame, the wall not only delivers the highest level of precision and stability, but also protects against damage during handling. MBA has also considered the need for module repair, by offering over 170+ surface coverings that can be removed and re-laminated. The wall module is again as good as new and ready for use.

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